Marie Herrington is a new music composer based in Baltimore, MD. As a composer coming from a performance background, she composes a lot of works for her own voice, including experimentalist electronic pieces such as "The Presence of Dark Thoughts" (recording: Most recently, Marie was seen as a composer at SongFest in San Francisco, CA, where she composed new music which was workshopped with soprano Lucy Fitzgibbon
Marie currently performs as a vocalist and composes vocal music for Alluvium Ensemble, which is a New-Orleans
based new music ensemble she also performs for. When in college, she held
performances of her compositions. One of those performances was of her
piece “Comfortable,” which is for four voices and live electronics; this piece
was performed at the end of the 2018 spring semester as part of the
computer music program’s final spring concert at Peabody Conservatory.
The singers were none other than Charlotte Bagwell, soprano; David
, tenor; Lorenzo Zapata, baritone; and Marie herself, alto. In the near future, Alluvium Ensemble will be releasing an all vocal
album entirely written and performed by Marie with electronic edits also
done by Marie. In January of 2023, Marie will be performing Ben Zervigon’s
composition titled Breach, in New Orleans, LA, along with an
improvisation concert using vocals and live electronics written and
performed by Marie. Marie will also be premiering one of her pieces for voice and piano titled Under Water Blue, which was composed as part of the 2022 SongFest program in San Francisco, CA. Marie has plenty of pieces that haven’t been
showcased for the world yet; like most composers, she is eagerly waiting for
musicians to want to perform them.



Vocal (art song) ​

  • Under Water Blue 

  • To The River

  • Eruption 

  • Demain des l'aube 

  • Passing time 

  • Darkness

  • On a tired housewife

  • You fit with me

  • This be the verse 

  • Still 

  • You can't make me 

  • Musical moments: 4 movements 

Experimentalist Voice

  • The Presence of Dark Thoughts

  • Tsathoggua 

  • Sounds from a distant planet 

  • Imagined Impeachment 

  • Laugh Like Birds

  • Sweet Blue Beaches

  • Fly, Buzz Off

  • Depression in E flat minor

  • Nonsense Desert

  • Parasite 

  • Into the siren's cave

  • What is hell 

Vocal + Electronic (Pop-y productions) 

  • Ice baths 

  • Modest Maus 

  • B!g Ph*rma

  • A human problem 

  • Take me back (do I gotta wait for you)

  • Dark minds think alike 

  • lovely little legless lover

  • Mindlessly Moseying

  • Deep Water

  • Things we said today (cover) 

Electronic Instrumental Music

  • Age of Aquarius 

  • Sound of Rain 

  • Trip back to 1955

  • Spooky Szn Jam 

  • Trance fire (45 mins of active studying) 

  • Interlude 


  • Psalm 19 (SSAATTBB)

  • Euphoria (SSSAAA)

  • Psalm 6:2-4 (SSAATTBB)

  • God's Green and Blue Earth (3 movements) (SSSAAATTTBB)

  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (arr)

  • Comfortable, Pace (4 voices and live electronics)

  • Easter Wings (SATB)

  • Silently (SSAATTBB)

  • Were You There arr (SSAA) 

  • Nearer, my God, to Thee (SATB)


  • Transcending in F Major 

  • Prelude in F minor no 2

  • Prelude in F minor no 1

  • Prelude in G minor no 1

  • Prelude in G minor no 2

  • Lord enthroned in heavenly splendor arr

  • Let all mortal flesh keep silence arr

  • I want Jesus to walk with thee arr

  • Postlude in C major no 3

  • Prelude in D major (Holy holy holy tease)

  • Christmas Medley for organ and piano

  • Our God in Heaven (a minor) 

  • Nearer My God To Thee arr

  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness arr 

  • His Eye Is On The Sparrow arr 

  • God Of The Ages arr

  • Postlude in g minor no 1

  • Postlude in g minor no 2

Instrumental Music

  • It came upon a midnight clear arr for string quartet and voice

  • Other-worldy moments (string ensemble)