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Marie Herrington is a classically trained operatic soprano who has sung in a number of productions: from Hansel, in Hansel und Gretel; to Miss Bingley in the world premiere of Mechem's Pride and Prejudice; to Ninotchka in the musical theater production of Silk Stockings. Marie has 15+ years of vocal training from Dr. Elizabeth Linnartz (Duke University), Dr. Steven Rainbolt (Peabody Institute), Joan Patenaude-Yarnell (Curtis Institute), and Michael Manganiello. Marie prioritizes working with living composers, such as Ben Zervigon, lead composer belonging to Alluvium Ensemble, which you can find out more about below. 


Founded by composer B.K. Zervigón and photographer Luca Hoffmann in 2021,

Alluvium Ensemble aims to create unique musical experiences for New Orleans based performers and audiences. From live concerts to fixed media and installation works, the Ensemble is working to create a space for innovative music of all kinds. 

Click on this link to hear the improvisation album titled "Hipster Genocide" featuring Marie's vocals and piano playing. This album is an entirely improvised exploration of vocal, pianistic, and guitar sounds using extended techniques such as pitch bending and microtonal music, as well as inside of piano plucking/strumming. 


Marie sings and plays piano/organ for a number of rock/funk cover bands in Baltimore/DC; primarily, she performs with the local cover band that frequents the PowerPlant: LIVE, Get Steady.

Click on the link below to hear a cover of "The Christmas Song" performed with Get Steady at the 2021 "Litmas" party at Tin Roof/Powerplant Live in Baltimore, MD.

See "upcoming concerts" page for more details about upcoming shows with Get Steady, and other live concerts.

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