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List of works

Art Song 

Vanishing, SSAATTBB

Times New Roman Bold, SSAATTBB 

Psalm 6: 2-4, SSAATTBB 

Dead Flowers, SSAATTBB 

Sky, Everyday, SSAATTBB (midi rec) 

O Bleak Heart, Wait, SSAA

Lost Things, SSAA

Two butterflies went out at noon, SSAA

Ukrainian National Anthem arr, SSSAAA

A Jelly-Fish, 3 Treble Voices, Piano

Let it Be Forgotten, Mezzo Soprano, SATB, Piano

Peace, Mezzo Soprano, SATB divisi, Organ, Harp

Debt, SATB

Easter Wings, SB, Piano

Were you there arr. SATB, Piano (midi rec)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen arr. SATB, Trumpet, Organ (midi rec)

Starlight, Starbright, Alto solo (belter), SATB, piano, bass guitar, drums

Organ/Piano solo

St. Sofia's Cathedral, organ

The Ascent, organ

Serenity, organ

Lord Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor arr, organ

Transcription of Fantasia on a theme by Vaughan Williams, organ 

Preludes: in d minor, g minor, f minor, F major, A major, and Gb major, organ

Of the Father's Love Begotten arr, organ

Love Divine, arr organ

God of the Ages arr, organ

Go Down Moses arr, piano

Go To Dark Gethsemane arr, piano 

Transcription of Beethoven 7, movement 2, piano 

Electronics/Fixed Media

Comfortable, soprano, mezzo, tenor, baritone, fixed media, and live electronics

Album: "Laugh Like Birds" for solo voice and electronics 

A patch of Blue theme: DAW recreation

The Presence of Dark Thoughts, for multiple voices and live electronics 

Age of Aquarius: DAW creation, edm 

Sound of Rain: Daw creation, edm

Mindlessly Moseying, for voice, piano, DAW orchestra 

Ice Baths, for DAW electronics and recorded voice

B!g Ph*rma, for DAW electronics and recorded voice 


It came upon a midnight clear, Sopano and string quartet

Joy to the horns, the trumpet sounds, Trumpet, Horn in F, Organ

Christmas Medley, Trumpet, Organ

Paradise, String orchestra  (midi rec)

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