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Scroll down to learn more about our recital series: Women in Music 

You'll learn about the recitals and why they're important to us, you'll learn about the performers, you'll hear sample recordings of us performing together, and you'll see some ads from previous concerts we've held. Enjoy! 

To hire us at your venue to perform a recital of music by women, click here! 

Our Origin story: 

Women In Music is a concert series run by me, and my fantastic pianist Partner, Timothy Krippner. Tim and I put together recitals of music by women composers and singer/songwriters. We feature art song, solo piano, solo voice, and simultaneous voice and piano (I'm playing while singing). We curate these concerts of art songs with specific categories; these have been our concerts so far: 


October 23, 2023: Music by Women of The World - a concert of music by women composers, and singer/songwriters

March 11, 2024: Music by Women Composers from around the world

April 8, 2024: Music by African American Women Composers 

soon to come: 

(fall 2024) Music by LGBTQ Women and femme composers

About the performers

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 3.47_edited.jpg

Marie Herrington is a half-Ukrainian composer and soprano who also directs choirs in the Baltimore area. Marie is a resident artist of Arts Letters and Numbers, is published with North Star Music LLC, and strives to work with the voice in as many ways as a possible. 

To hear a sample of her singing, click here

Lauded as "a true artist" by the late Aldo Ciccolini, Timothy Krippner has won top prizes in the Seattle International and Chicago International Piano Competitions. He has performed with artists such as Midori, masterclassed with Emmanuel Ax and Richard Goode, and was a two-year fellow at Da Camera of Houston.

Listen to Timothy play here

As a woman in the composition field, I always find that there will never be enough opportunities available for us to develop our craft, have performances, be taken seriously, etc. We have always been overshadowed by our male counterparts, and still are today. I created this concert series, Women in Music, with the help of an incredible woman in music: gospel and blues singer, Lea Gilmore, who runs Music Mondays at Govans Pres. Our recital series started out as a mini concert series part of Music Mondays, and now we are coming to YOU! To book us for your venue, write me a message here, and I’ll get back to you asap!

Thank you,

Marie Herrington

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